Voice Services

ORB Telemedia Voice Services.

ORB Telemedia provides complete end to end voice services, by combining our a-z low cost international VoIP route products, and our incoming DID numbers (many of which are free) and some of which earn you substantial revenue share income. We provide clients with a complete solution.

Our solutions are available as standalone products and services or can be combined, our UK dial access codes lets residents in the UK dial abroad cheaper than most package offers by using a service or premium number with a fixed billing rate, you dial first the access code, then the ful international destination - a complete a-z price list and access code list is provided within our website.

Our Voice Services.

UK Accesss Numbers click here to see the UK access codes for dialing abroad using service numbers

International Phone Cards International Phone Cards - Click here to purchase phone cards for international dialing and access - full rates and quality guide provided.

Forwarding Services we forward your incoming calls on our numbers, to international destinations at wholesale rates - click here for information.

VoIP - our multi-currency accounts and wholesale rates for VoIP are highly competitive, our services can be used by residential and retail clients, internationally, for business, we can also provide wholesale carrier CLI routes.

Combine our Voice services - with our DID services to obtain a complete solution for your business.

Free Incoming VoIP number

International Premium Number - to earn income from your inbound calls

UK Wide, National Business Numbers - to provide a corporate presence.

Non Geographic and geographic numbers, from around the world, to provide a virtual office.

More solutions available, whatever your telecom needs we can assist.