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We operate our own UK (domestic) premium rate number ranges and subject to availability; you can choose any number you wish from within our ranges free of charge. The tables below will show you the cost to your clients to make the call, and the amount of rebate you will receive. There is no setup fee and there is no cost up front when routing via SIP.

ORB Telemedia provide five methods to connect your inbound calls:
UK Premium Rate Numbers - choose your own free vanity and income generating number now: The rebates below are the starting points, ie. minimum rebate, if you have volume, or can agree a target value of monthly minutes, we can be flexible and negotiate a better rate for you, for more information contact us.
Cost to caller (with VAT)
Rebate (without VAT)
Rebate (with VAT)
0904 368 xxxx
£1.53 (GBP) per minute + call from £0.96 (GBP) per minute + call from £1.15 (GBP) per minute + call
0906 608 xxxx
£0.92 (GBP) per minute from £0.584 (GBP) per minute from £0.7008 (GBP) per minute
0912 201 xxxx
£0.51 (GBP) per minute + call from £0.3143 (GBP) per minute + call
from £0.3731 (GBP) per minute + call
0908 328 xxxx
£0.26 (GBP) per minute
from £0.17 (GBP) per minute
from £0.2004 (GBP) per minute

xxxx : Vanity numbers - you pick the last 4 digits, this is your chance to be creative, at this time, as our introductory offer to these new ranges you can request any number pattern you wish but if we do not see traffic after a mutually agreed time frame we reserve the right to take back / reclaim any number(s).
All numbers are allocated on the understanding that the client registers and adheres to the code of conduct as laid out by PhonepayPlus including prior permissions as necessary, which could include a bond.
We request clients sign contract documents with, ORB Telemedia Ltd, and provide for the purpose of due diligence satisfactory proof of ID and trading address as required to meet our duty of care as a registered operator both within the United Kingdom and internationally.

The documentation to open an account can be found in the client area and by clicking here.
To aid the process, in the message box request your desired number(s), and describe your project or service.    

If you have opened an account and need some numbers allocated contact us here with the desired prefix and numbering.