Satellite, ENUM, and other Special Numbers

Satellite Solutions

Are ideal for broadcasters, wishing to capture an audience over a wider geographic area where domestic premium rate numbers are insufficient. We offer a variety of satellite based solutions covering Asia Pacific, Europe, The Middle East, Africa and the Americas. IDD prefixes for satellite numbering are not country specific, and because of the international origins it can be difficult to determine end user tariffs. These numbers are often used in the Middle East where premium rate numbers are not readily available and broadcasters wish to capture a set of countries and their neighbours.

ENUM - Universal Numbering
The logic behind these numbers is to provide end users and businesses a non-geographic but cheaper international solution with rebate, the service is still in it's infancy and as a result, not all carriers provide access, therefore these numbers are only recommended for targeting users of specific networks.
The satellite and universal service numbers, have been moved into our International Premium Rate product offering. Here follows the relevant links:-
IPRN - International Premium Rate Numbers

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