Reseller and Affiliate Programs

Creating your own Premium Number Website or VoIP Business

ORB Telemedia offer two options, for resellers, the first suitable for most, and bootstrapper's needing to get going is our standard white label re-seller platform - this allows you to request add and resell our numbers and routes.

Option 1: standard premium rate and VoIP reseller white-label portal

Running your own business; as a re-seller you are responsible for your own activities, once we have exchanged contracts, and handed you access, you are free to market and distribute, as you see fit and within our terms and conditions and those of the regulatory bodies involved. You can set your own price and rebate points as displayed to your client, you are of course responsible for your own losses should you over-rebate or under-charge your clients, additionally, if you accept fraudulent pbx hack traffic, we will pass our routing costs over to you as well as discharge your identity if requested by an official governmental recognized regulatory authorities.

It costs nothing to become an ORB Telemedia White Label Reseller;
However if you request numbers from us, and don't provide any traffic, we will reserve the right to reclaim them as needed for our own operational purposes. Numbers are not assigned automatically, number ranges are controlled and there is a duty of care, to conserve un-necessary wastage that is expected from designated operators like ourselves.
We suggest that you only request numbers that you realistically can sell, or generate traffic on, most international and revenue share numbers are available free of charge, without monthly lease or setup costs, there are some exceptions and these are detailed on the price lists.

audio text premium rate users Reseller Rates, Benefits & Traffic
  • flexible tiered rates for all resellers
  • Inbout Rebates: the higher the monthly minutes, the better the rebate
  • volume breaks at 10,000 mins; 100,000 mins; 250,000 mins
  • Outbound Minutes:
  • re-seller - access various VoIP routes and packages at wholesale rates
  • carrier services from full CLI, to blended and other routes
  • rates negotiable for carrier volumes in excess 250,000 outbound mins monthly
payout methods Reseller Admin area
  • Update Payment Methods
  • Request stats
  • Change user information
  • Obtain Support
  • sub users and agents
  • special rates and customised solutions
  • SIP redirection - control panel

Your Own Hosted Switch, IP address, and Domain - packages.

Option 2: Your own Switch, IP, Domain(s), SSL - all fully hosted

Our standard Reseller Portal, allows you to add and remove your own clients, create sub accounts and control the allocation of numbers. This is our standard product, SIP routing is included, should you need to route to a remote switch for your client, as are IVR options, if you needed call forwarding, subject to a transfer of Dial credit, our wholesale routes are available to access. The portal is also fully equipped to resell VoIP - you can set your own rates and resell our services, your client will see the prices you have set, and you can see your profits calculated automatically and in real-time this is only one of many advanced features in our standard portal.

Our Hosted Switches offer something a bit different;

General Specification

All Users:

Standard Switch : Multiple Concurrent Lines
Local IVR Termination possible
Free SIP Routing
VoIP PAYG Trunk Forwarding on CLI or budget routes
CDR Statistics
full routing control
Pass through traffic - any codec
PAYG Account recharges
VoIP access
SIP Account
Access a real time price simulator for outbound calling

Resellers can additionally:
- add or remove sub clients, and sub resellers
- add or remove DIDs from sub clients and resellers
- add or remove VoIP packages for clients and resellers
- create SIP and PAYG accounts

Admins can perform all above and additionally (but not limited to):;
- Add or Remove DIDÅ› from clients and resellers
- change pricing and rebates
- full IVR and Codec control, advanced services and CLI control
- Add new DID groups, suppliers and numbers
- manage bulk DIDs and rate tables by CSV file import
- permit Pass through traffic - any codec
- Admin - codec translation
- Enable calling card gateways
- debug calls
- simulate call pricing to check LCR against all loaded routes

Private IP, Domain, "Basic" Package

from £300 monthly
  • Admin Rights
  • Own Domain for client and reseller Switch Portal
  • Unique Switch IP address
  • basic setup support
  • add own suppliers of DID's or routes
  • allocation of UK numbers from ORB at Gold Rebate Rates
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"Standard" Portal

  • Private White Label
  • Resell and Use ORB Services
  • fully featured
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