Price List and Rebate Tables

A-Z Rate Cards, Wholesale VoIP SIP Termination.

We offer quality-focussed, competitive SIP termination over our interconnects with national and international carriers, allowing you to offer stable affordable, reliable voice services to your customers.

ORB Telemedia Ltd provides four service tiers to suit different customer requirements. These offer different functionality as well as pricing. Our Gold A-Z is by far the most popular and represents premium stable termination ideally suited to being the sole route in service. You can select the desired service tier dynamically on a per-call basis simply by using a prefix on the dialed number.

Our A-Z termination operates on an exclusively prepaid basis with billing in US $ Dollars, £ British Pounds and € Euros. This gives you security against fraudulent traffic as your exposure is limited to your prepay PAYG balance, and it means your set-up is not delayed with credit identity and due-diligence checks. You can purchase online and be up and running in minutes.

Due to exchange rate fluctuations silver rate deck floors are only available in USD.
Grey rate deck a-z's are only available in EUR and USD currencies.
Platinum and Gold rate cards are currently in GBP, due to interconnect arrangements, T38 fax and CLI support.
Platinum and Gold rate cards, also incorporate time of day routing for our guaranteed UK CLI routes.
UK domestic premium rate and special service numbers can be accessed internationally using our Gold and Platinum routes.

Platinum A-Z Route Features
Offers Direct and Transit routes from international carriers only
Predictable CLI to most destinations
Guaranteed CLI to UK destinations
Extensive fraud protection
T.38 Fax support
Exceptional international voice quality for demanding traffic
UK Premium Rate and Special Number access

Gold A-Z Route Features
Recommended product as it blends excellent quality with wholesale pricing
Multiple routes available for every destination for exceptional performance
Extensive fraud protection
Guaranteed CLI for UK routes
Probable but not guaranteed CLI for other destinations
Intended and suitable as the sole route for customers offering high quality retail services
UK Premium Rate and Special Number access

Silver A-Z Route Features
Basic standard Wholesale A-Z service Pricing CLI Not Guaranteed, a higher level of route stability compared to grey routes, pricing is based on lowest priced route from trunk suppliers, ideally suited for domestic usage and call forwarding.
Grey Route Features
These are the absolute lowest priced routes available, based on all pricing available, quality and CLI handling is not guaranteed. Suitable for budget voice services.

Audiotext - Premium Rate, Revenue Share, and DID Numbering, Pricing and Rebates

As a specialist provider of international premium rate, domestic premium rate, mobile, satellite and non geographic revenue share telephone numbers, we also provide full support, with many value add services such as live chat hosts, live statistics, white label invoices, we are registered in the UK with phonepayplus as a service provider and with Ofcom as an operator and range holder of multiple exclusive UK numbers.

Earn money using premium rate numbers, we provide excellent payouts and support, if you are working / dialing a premium rate or international solution today, contact us with as much detail as possible and we will do our best to match or beat the payout rate, these are a good method of generating income from telephone calls.
Carrier Price List UK
All Outpayment Rates are shown exclusive of VAT.
Download ORB Telemedia UK Ranges - Direct Carrier Price (rebate) list in pdf

Domestic Premium Rate Numbers(non-UK)
For UK Domestic Numbers, see the UK Data sheets.
Currently we have domestic premium rate offers for over 40 countries, our most popular include France, Canada, and Eire (Ireland).
Data Sheets per country can be located below.

Eire / Irish Domestic Premium Rate Numbers pdf

France / French Domestic Premium Rate Numbers pdf

For a quote on an International Domestic Number, where a data sheet is not listed, please see the country list below, then contact us. All Outpayment Rates are shown exclusive of VAT.

Country List - Domestic Premium Rate Numbers, are available for the following countries:-
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro, Morroco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudia Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovania, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and Yemen.

Contact Us to Obtain a quote for any country where a data sheet is not shown.

IPRN Rate cards, the outpayments for International Numbers are shown in the rate cards below, the rebates available from international numbers, are negotiable for volume traffic. All Outpayment Rates are shown exclusive of VAT.
Our rate card is being updated, this page shows our current offers.

International DID´s, to achieve an out-payment on landlines, 25,000 minute monthly, threshold must be achieved. DID setup prices, costs, and currency are indicated, along with any rebate values. UK Numbers have a one-time setup fee for bespoke orders of specific city DID´s, UK wide 03x numbers and others are available free.
Download ORB Telemedia International DID Price (& rebate) list in pdf