Banking - Rebates and Payments

Banking Methods and Information

Topping up your PAYG VoIP account balance, is normally performed via the portal, although we do support other methods, such as bank transfer, Skrill Request. The portal supports several methods but has some limitations with tax %, as an alternative to the portal, we can manually process payments, this is slightly longer, but you will get a personal response from our staff, click Here if you prefer to TopUp or make payment manually for PAYG VoIP and Forwarding

When ORB Telemedia issues an invoice, or statement (credit note) payment details are provided within the invoice. Clients need to maintain a positive balance to access our VoIP and forwarding services, the online methods are listed on this page, however, for those operating pre-payment accounts, and wishing to make credits for bulk traffic routes, you may choose to send payments via bank transfer.

To pay into our bank account, via wire transfer, quote your account number and your name, (or) invoice number. You can send any amount you wish, from a UK bank, BACS or CHAPS payment are perfect, from international sources you must request that all fees are paid at the time of sending, as any fees charged to us by our bank (or passed from yours) will be deducted - to avoid cross currency fees, select the appropriate currency.

Whether you are a business, or residential client, payments, refunds, and partial refunds are processed in accordance to our terms and conditions as defined within or website, or where different, mutually agreed in writing.

Our Bank Information, for International and UK Clients
Beneficiary Name: ORB Telemedia Ltd
Beneficiary Bank: HSBC BANK PLC
Bank Address: HSBC PLC, 2 Queens Road, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB15 4ZT

GBP £ Pounds Sterling
IBAN : GB51 MIDL 4001 2561 3913 99
UK Account Number : 61391399
UK Sort code : 400515

EUR € Euros
IBAN : GB50 MIDL 4005 1573 9599 33
UK Account Number : 73959933
UK Sort code : 400515

USD $ United States Dollars
IBAN : GB39 MIDL 4005 1573 9607 13
UK Account Number : 73960713
UK Sort code : 400515

Paying your PAYG Pre-Payment Account Online

This can be done from the client portal (or) initiated manually by contacting us, we accept payments by paypal and moneybookers / skrill, to open a paypal or skrill account click one of the images below.
open your paypal account here open your moneybookers account here

Outpayments and Rebates - other methods.

Payouts via paypal, are suitable for smaller business, weekly and daily users, payouts will only be sent to paypal verified users, and subject to deduction of fees, if you do not have a paypal account click the logo above.
Paypal users can verify ORB Telemedia's paypal verified business status here.

Moneybookers / Skrill.
Payouts via moneybookers are suitable for larger businesses, and also subject to deduction of fees. Moneybooker send and receive limits are subject to status.

Western Union.
Payouts via westen union are only available upon request, proof of ID and signed contracts are required, further fees and terms exist, this service is on request only.
western union

Bank Transfer.
Payouts via bank transfer is our preferred method, subject to terms and conditions. To keep your earnings to a maximum, our general rule is that for rebate balances, you must achieve a minimum currency balance of $500, €500 or £ accumulated before we make payment, we use a "SHA" (shared cost basis by default) however when out-payment rebate is requested for values under those minimum limits any processing charges are passed on at cost and we send an international transfer instruction with the cost flag "BEN" (beneficiary pays all costs) .

Methods not listed.
In some jurisdiction's, traditional methods can be non-viable, if you have special circumstances and wish us to consider an alternative method, please contact us.

us paying you, or you paying us Payouts via bank transfer is our preferred method