PAYG Topping Up

Topping Up Your PAYG VoIP or Call Forwarding Account

This page is for manually processing payments
Payments to your PAYG and forwarding account, can be made from your account portal, use this page when instructed by your account manager (or) - if for any reason you have problems with the portal and need a full VAT invoice.
By using this page you are bypassing the automated systems, your payment will be processed manually and checked for errors, you will also be provided with full invoices and receipts.
VAT should automatically be added at the rate of 20% depending on where you live, if for any reason this charge has been omitted and we should have collected VAT your payment account will be credited with 5/6th of the Value this correctly accounts for the VAT payment. A manual VAT invoice and receipt will be generated by ORB Telemedia Ltd on processing your payment. Please ensure your details are up to date before continuing.

You need your account number, which is found from the account portal if you do not have your account number, enter your username instead.
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us paying you, or you paying us

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Credit Amount
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Credit Amount
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To pay into our bank accounting , via wire transfer, quote your account number and your name, (or) invoice number. You can send any amount you wish, from a UK bank, BACS or CHAPS payment are perfect, from international sources you must request that all fees are paid at the time of sending, as any fees charged to us by our bank (or passed from yours) will be deducted - to avoid cross currency fees, select the appropriate currency.

Whether you are a business, or residential client, payments, refunds, and partial refunds are processed in accordance to our terms and conditions as defined within or website, or where different, mutually agreed in writing.

Our Bank Information, for International and UK Clients
Beneficiary Name: ORB Telemedia Ltd
Beneficiary Bank: HSBC BANK PLC
Bank Address: HSBC PLC, 2 Queens Road, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB15 4ZT

GBP £ Pounds Sterling
IBAN : GB51 MIDL 4001 2561 3913 99
UK Account Number : 61391399
UK Sort code : 400515

EUR € Euros
IBAN : GB50 MIDL 4005 1573 9599 33
UK Account Number : 73959933
UK Sort code : 400515

USD $ United States Dollars
IBAN : GB39 MIDL 4005 1573 9607 13
UK Account Number : 73960713
UK Sort code : 400515

More options for crediting your PAYG Pre-Payment Account

To pay us by moneybookers / skrill, contact us and we will initiate a manual payment request.
open your paypal account here open your moneybookers account here