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    UK Numbers - An ORB Telemedia Speciality
    As a UK number range holder, and operator, we are able to bring you a full range of UK Solutions. Whether you need to generate income from premium numbers, or provide your business with a freephone number, even add a virtual or non-geographic UK presence, we can assist. ORB Telemedia provides it's numbering via SIP/IP this means, that your ORB Telemedia Number is a permanent flexible phone number that is not associated to any fixed phone circuit or to any one location ie, even if it has a landline prefix, by routing it within the IP cloud, you have all the benefits of a non-geographical number from whatever number we give you.

    Premium rate numbers;
    provide a simple yet dramatic way of generating an additional revenue streams into your business. A premium rate number is a type of non geographical number, used by businesses when they wish for their inbound calls to be charged at a higher rate, than that of normal numbers as an effective way to increase your income and monetize live chat services to your customers.
    Premium rate services can host a range of purposes and are best utilised in:

    * Customer services
    * Technical support
    * Psychics and horoscope readings
    * Competitions and voting
    * Charities
    * Adult services

    Premium rate numbers can earn a steady revenue for your company, we provide premium rate numbers from over 50 countries and our numbers can assist you in generating and increasing steady revenues from your international call operations. With premium rate high rebate revenue share numbers, the caller pays the call at a premium, when we (the carrier) collect the ingress rebate from other carriers, the rebate rate agreed in your contract is paid to you. You receive a high share of the revenue. How much you can charge the caller depends on various rules and legislation's, these differ per country, and sometimes time of day, as well as the source, whether international, domestic, or from mobile, we can provide the number for your campaign(s).

    International Premium Rate Numbers;
    IPRN numbers are accessible from multiple countries, Domestic numbers are usually only accessible from the country of origin - some offshore and VoIP networks, like ours, will provide access to many domestic premium numbers via international premium destinations.

    More about ORB Telemedia UK Numbers:
    ORB Telemedia Ltd, assigns numbers on a first come first served basis, Desirable / Vanity numbers can be manually reserved / assigned quickly for a small admin fee. Our charge for one-time set-up of a vanity number is from 30GBP upwards and capped at 100GBP, we do not charge monthly lease or other fees unless you require bespoke setup or additional value add billable services, such as PBX functions, custom IVR, etc..

    ORB Telemedia is a designated operator carrier, we provide VoIP and cloud based services, we are fully registered, and you can find our detail within the UK Regulator Ofcom's number range operator lists, as such, we are independent from other phone/mobile providers (e.g. BT, Cable and Wireless, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Virgin-Media etc). The advantage of cloud based services and IP routing are significant without a circuit contract you are free to change location or phone/mobile provider at anytime - day or night - in seconds. Keeping the same permanent phone number active at all times. You dont need a telephone line to operate our numbers, you only need internet access at the device used to receive the calls, more information about connecting can be found in our knowledge base or by contacting us.

    Re-routing is provided from our portal, and other features can be added, such as inbound calls to fax, cheap outbound calls, additional routing facilities are open to clients depending on their needs and the classification of the number ORB Telemedia provides its own numbers and that of most partners free of charge, desirable number patterns, can be ordered manually for a small admin fee.

    Total accessibility

    Just imagine having a single UK telephone number that directly connects inbound calls to you wherever you are in the world whenever you choose. ORB Telemedia eliminates any need to give out private home or unlisted numbers but gives you the power to receive calls on those lines when you want to. By routing ORB Telemedia numbers onto your private numbers, it is easy to take calls there.

    Caller ID substitution for the display of number dialled, - You can setup our system to show which of your inbound numbers has been dialled. Instead of seeing the caller ID, you can choose to see the number pattern announced, this is perfect for virtual presence operations and small home offices providing virtual secretary services for multiple businesses, when you see the number, you know the business (or personal reference) and you can answer the call in the correct manner for family, friends, colleagues, customers, adverts, etc.

    Failover Priority - If you are unable to take a call, or are already busy taking a call, you can customise our system to automatically divert calls to other phones so that they can always be answered in the priority you set in our system. Desirable Number Patterns, examples of numbers still in stock and available for quick purchase 07011 737 373 07011 737 737 07011 730 730

    Destination Groupings. (for guidance)

    We will route numbers onto various networks and destinations without additional charge, however if you have significant incoming volume, you would be advised to consider SIP routing and opting for a rebate of the revenue share. In the case of UK Personal numbers we are not permitted to share any rebate with the end user, for this reason we route the numbers onto the end points free of charge within the UK, and most international destinations subject to limitations (we do not route to high rate virtual mobiles and other revenue share numbers). We do however provide a reseller platform, whereby you can resell our numbers to your own end users (providing you dont share the revenue) and make a significant income, for existing end users of 070 UK numbers whilst we cannot share any end user rebate with you, we are willing to convert your incoming minutes into points, adding more services and numbers will gain more points, and when you reach a sufficient point value, we can make a payment to a registered charity of your choice, we can then reset the points and continue, this helps us help you help others and we will discuss this option on a personal one to one basis as different number prefixes dictate the suitability and price of calling. Did your previous 070 provider tell you this?

    VoIP SIP Routing is free - for all number types, you can get your number via SIP, create a VoIP account without credit, configure a registration and receive calls immediately. We provide this service for all number types, you can take as many incoming calls at the same time as you can handle, our system is enterprise ready and automatically scalable. Depending on the service prefix, you have the choice of Free SIP routing, Inclusive PSTN routing, domestic and foreign, rebate from inbound calls and PAYG routing. All routing is automatic and without announcements, If you have questions or special requests please contact us.