ORB Telemedia Ltd registered in Scotland, serving clients worldwide

ORB Telemedia Ltd

Premium Numbers, DID's, IPRN
wholesale VoIP and more.

Bottom Line:-
Do you want to save money on your outbound calls?
Do you want to earn money on your inbound calls?

If you have answered Yes, to any of those questions we can help.
ORB Telemedia Ltd offers worldwide international telecom services.
Including Intelligent call forwarding, number translation and much more.

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ORB Telemedia Ltd
Registered in the UK and trading globally, we are a carrier provider of wholesale business VoIP, we are a full ITSP and offer International numbering which includes Premium Rate Numbers, at top rates and in local currency, as a designated operator and OFCOM registered range holder in the UK we have solutions for all business types.

Inbound Number types include, UK Numbers, International numbers, IPRN, Domestic Numbers, Mobile Numbers, landline numbers, and freephone numbers.
Outbound and value add services, include, wholesale VoIP, IVR, NTS, VAS, business SIP trunks and much more.

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We provide CLI routes, NON CLI routes, conference services and GEO ranges you can get paid for your inbound telephone call traffic and check via our portal your CDR online.