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International Toll Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers, are known as freephone numbers in the UK, and sometimes referred to as ITF are International Toll Free numbers. These numbers are usually free for the end user to dial and although this applies to most major providers, some VoIP and mobile networks do make a small charge. One immediate advantage of an 800 toll free - number is that it is recognisable to most users as being free to call. Such free to call prefixes in the UK are 0800 and 0808, when dialing from abroad they may be written as +44 800, USA toll free numbers are typically +1800 pattern types, a few other prefixes do exist. ORB Telemedia has a standing stock of USA, Canadian and UK freephone numbers, with other destinations being available on demand.

ORB Toll Free freephone numbers
The benefits of a toll free number speaks for itself, we are not going to delve into skew-able statistics to tell you that your return on investment is going to increase x-fold, nor are we going to tell you that consumers prefer using these numbers compared to the pay type. This for most end users is obvious; Would you rather dial a service number to get customer service, sign up to a product, make a general enquiry; or Would you rather dial for free to get the same information? This is not rocket science, its human nature.

As a marketing tool, many organisations choose to make their sales point and customer service numbers accessible via free phone numbers, it gives the end user confidence to dial and speak away when otherwise they may have thought twice - this alone is a simple edge on the competition and perhaps enough to entice a new enterprise client.

Freephone Numbers - Carrier Direct Ranges

Freephone numbers are available from ORB Telemedia Ltd, they can be routed using our combined fail-over call forwarding system to landline or mobile phones worldwide, alternatively calls can be routed via SIP. ORB Telemedia Ltd, us being a UK licenced operator / PECN means we do have carrier direct (our own) ranges of UK freephone numbers, this means we can compete effectively and offer you a great deal. As a range owner we also have access to vast blocks of numbers so we can fulfil vanity based requests, for US toll free numbers we have a partner agreement, and in most other countries we have partners allowing us to fulfil requests to order.

Inbound Call Pricing for freephone / toll free numbers

ORB Toll Free UK freephone numbers
UK Pricing
The price to receive calls on UK freephone numbers, using ORB Telemedia´s pre-pay service is from 1.08 pence per minute, this excludes, VAT and forwarding costs, although SIP routing is free. Full information on pricing, can be found in ORB Telemedia´s UK Carrier Price List. Typical pricing is for landlines around 1.5 pence per minute, the most expensive calls being from registered payphones which receive a high levie surcharge. Calls from payphones can be blocked or unblocked upon request. Full vanity numbers available example range 08000296 xxx (+44 8000296xxx).
ORB Toll Free USA American freephone numbers
USA TollFree Pricing
USA Toll free numbers cost $4 to setup, and $2 per month to lease. Inbound calls to USA toll free numbers start at USD $0.02, per minute, rising to $0.09 for Canadian callers, $0.10 for Puerto Rican callers, and $0.18 for Alaskan callers, these sources can be blocked or unblocked on request. Unlimited channels
ORB Toll Free Canadian freephone numbers
Canadian Toll Free number Pricing.
Canadian Toll free numbers cost $4 to setup, and $2 per month to lease. The per minute inbound cost is $0.04 with unlimited channels.

General information about freephone numbers
Toll-free freephone numbers, as the name implies are free in most cases for the end user to call, however this is not the case for all networks, indeed OFCOM the UK regulator has indicated that in line with European Telecommunications Legislation the need for more clarity, and has called for freephone 0800 numbers to literally be free to call from mobile networks, "Ofcom Chief Executive Ed Richards said: ‘There is clear evidence of widespread uncertainty and confusion about the cost of calling these numbers. ‘Consumers need to have far more transparency about the price they are going to pay for calls so that they can make more informed choices and so competition can work more effectively. ‘Making 0800 free from a mobile and giving people clarity about what they are paying for 118 directory enquiry services will improve transparency, improve competition and enhance trust in these important services.’" ORB Telemedia also agrees with this statement, as we have seen some operators impose call charges of up to 40p per minute for calling what should be "free" phone numbers.

Another complicating factor in the UK is legacy agreements, in 1994 Oftel (now Ofcom) took over the number allocation and regulatory roll within the UK, a daunting task, and realms of legislation still exist today, long story short, calling a freephone number results in different interconnect charges depending on the origin. Put simply, if you are the operator of an 0800 freephone number, you will pay a different price to receive calls depending on - time of day, whether the call originated from within the country or overseas, whether the call originated from a fixed network or mobile network, and finally if the call originated from a payphone. To pay for the inbound calls, customers must have sufficient funds in their pre-pay accounts.

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