Advanced Call Control

Unleash your telephony potential, - never miss a call

In a modern society we are busy, often on the move, or sometimes working from remote locations - the advantages of having a cloud based telephone number is self explanatory. So how do you enhance this and get the most out of your new number?

ORB Telemedia┬┤s advanced destination forwarding, aka "Intelligent diversion","follow me routing","call redirection" is an advanced feature available to all customers free of charge.
Receiving inbound calls, and redirecting to SIP destinations on all but toll free numbers is free, you can register a SIP account with an ATA, or Softphone, it is simple, stable and robust, we have tested our systems on 3G Cell Phone based Internet, Tooway satellite, SkyDSL's services, and from a variety of networks worldwide to ensure resiliance and tolerance, alternatively you can route to another switch via SIP, or customer account on our system or IVR message when approved by us.

If you redirect an inbound call(s) to other number(s) such as any landline, mobile, premium rate or other special service number, you must pay for your incoming calls in advance - the forwarding rates for such calls are at the rates published in our voip A-Z rate cards and dependent on your particular account configuration and tarrif agreement.
You can test your inbound number using our test message, the audible message will confirm calls work from your network, and you will hear the quality.
On numbers for which we agree to pay you a rebate or revenue share the rebate will not be available to you until such time as the revenues have been fully collected, this can be several weeks depending on the terms of rebate, in such cases we do not offer credit, you will still have to credit your VoIP forwarding account in advance - you can always receive your calls free via SIP.
For business, and home we introduce our advanced services, our highly competitive outbound call rates coupled with an inbound DID number with rebate. This means you can pay super low rates for your outbound calls, and get paid for your incoming calls, if the rebates exceed the outbound usage we pay you its that simple.

ORB Telemedia Ltd, carrier, VoIP, operator and Specialist premium rate number provider inbound and outbound call solutions on one platform.

ORB Intelligent call forwarding

How it works

The functionality is very simple. In its basic form it can be enabled to simply route all incoming calls to an end point at low cost. Whenever an incoming call is received, it is forwarded to the next system for handling, this could be a simple SIP ATA, with DECT phone and answer machine, or a complex enterprise switching system. If the call is not answered by that system, the next listed destination is attempted and so on.

Call forwarding is not a new feature, ORB Telemedia┬┤s intelligent system, builds on traditional architecture and brings it into the modern age, in addition to basic forwarding our system allows up to 5 additional fail-over options, when the remote destination is busy or otherwise unavailable. The fail-over options automatically take over, these are constructed in a tiered priority based hierarchy, you can plan your destination options in such a way that you never need miss another call. Or you can even choose to utilise some of our value add IVR services ( VAS ).

Key benefits.

Choosing ORB over other telecom carriers brings you many immediate benefits;
In monetary terms, we offer, a massive comparable cost saving - when compared to the major operators such as BT, Colt, Cable and Wireless, or the mobile operators such as Vodafone.
In technical terms, we offer you Flexible end user control, you select what you want to route and when,
and for those who need that little bit extra, we offer full bespoke, contract and VAS support.

  • No Connection setup fees
  • No recurring Subscription charges for the service
  • Multi-stage rollover - set multiple destinations
  • High quality routing - with multiple interconnects
  • Low cost forwarding - per minute billing, with no minimum duration
  • Works with all our numbers
  • Number porting available for some countries
  • No long term contracts
  • PAYG : Pay only for the time you need
  • any unused credit rolls over
  • easy to use simulator (check prices quickly and easily)
  • ORB Intelligent call forwarding

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