Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ, Questions and Answers to our most common questions

1. How much do I pay to sign up?
Opening and crediting a VoIP Pre-Pay account costs from £5/$5/€5
Opening an account for IPRN is free, most rebate numbers are provided free of charge, there are no hidden costs, if a particular destination prefix requires a setup fee or monthly lease, this is notified in advance and agreed upon in writing before activation and commencement of traffic is possible. For numbers where there is a rebate, and no setup fee (i.e. the majority) signing up is for free and ORB Telemedia Ltd will pay you for every minute delivered.

2. Can I sign up as a private person?
Yes, our contract form is designed for either, and the conditions are the same.

3. What is the required minimum or maximum number of minutes per month?
There is no minimum and no maximum.

4. What are the guarantees that I will receive my money? ?
ORB Telemedia Ltd plays a significant role in the international premium rate industry. With carrier clients generating thousands of daily minutes we pay our customers as per our contract.

5. What if I only have a small balance??
Clients are expected to not request payment until their accrued credit balance reaches £500/$500/€500, for values under this threshold, ORB Telemedia will make payment subject to an administration charge and payment of all fees. For values above the threshold a standard bank transfer in the appropriate currency is applied.

6. With a Rebate account How often can I be paid??
  Different terminations offer different billing periods. You can find the billing terms for the specific terminations in our pricelist and within the client area.
The means of the various terms, refer to timing and the most common reference is EOM, which means end of the month, in the example of a high rate at 60EOM, We pay you 60 days after the end of the month when you delivered the minutes. At the closest working day after that date. So if you made a call any time during January, 60 days after the end of the month of January, we will make our payment so in this example would be the closest working day after 2nd April. Not all terms are as long as this, 7/7 means a weekly payment, paid 7 days, after the week of the payment.

7. Why can you not pay me sooner?
  Payments are made once we have collected the monies from the carrier networks, if the terms are 45eom and we receive money at 35eom, which is often the case, we will pay you at 35eom instead, we do not provide factoring for daily traffic, but will pass on respective offers when permitted by carriers. If you have more questions contact us.

8. I have my own switch, and already provide clients numbers - how do I connect?
  We can interconnect and route your calls via SIP, we would also be interested in your own offers, by opening a business account, we can also provide you high quality and low cost SIP routes, as well as revenue share numbers, by offering us your own ranges we can grow our businesses in a mutually beneficial partnership.

9. How can I start? ?
Sign up and create your account. There is a couple of forms to complete, and then you can order numbers or charge a VoIP account, with assistance from our staff and start your traffic. If you have any issues with our account creation process contact us and we will assist you.

10. Can I have no-name online reports for my own clients?
Yes. We offer white label stats without branding.

11. Can the payout increase? Can the call rates decrease?
Payout levels are based on tiered volumes and can be found in our price lists, or negotiated with staff.
VoIP prices are fixed, however we can negotiate slight reductions on volume, contact us with details.

12. Can the calls be routed to our platform/call centre/IVR?
We can route your calls via VOIP to any IP in the world for FREE, we can route your calls to any PSTN or Mobile in the world (this requires pre-pay funding, but you remain in control of the routing destinations).

13. Can you host our existing IVR application?
We can host your IVR application for on our platform. We would need a flow chart and the appropriate response files, contact us for assistance.

14. Can you develop IVR application for us?
IVR development, can be quoted as a project, contact us for details, include as much information as possible, we will contact you with and establish a costing.

15. How can I become a reseller?
You need to open a business account, then we will assign you an account with the appropriate admin controls, after this is done, you can load your PAYG account with funds, for reselling our VoIP routes, or concentrate on reselling numbers, if you need any support contact us.

16. How do I receive incoming calls on my new number?
When you have opened an account and received a number from us, you can choose to SIP route it to an IP address, or to a PSTN number such as a mobile or other similar number, however if you want the number to work with a SIP phone, then you must also create a SIP registration to our server from a softphone or ATA, once registered you can route incoming calls to your SIP registration, and receive calls via the internet. More setup information and guidance can be found within the knowledge base area, under VoIP software and hardware.

17. Will VoIP work on my Intenet service?
ORB Telemedia VoIP services have been fully tested, work with internet only services and are 100% compatible with satellite internet such as tooway we have been refining and testing continuously on many networks, our clients and ourselves use the services on cellphones, netbooks, tablets via 3G/4G, satellite, mobile, traditional and wifi networks around the world, .

Disclaimer: ORB Telemedia numbers can only be used for legitimate and genuine phone calls. No fraudulent use will be accepted. Fraudulent traffic will not be paid and will be regarded as a violation of the contractual terms, with all the legal consequences. Our full terms and conditions can be found within the client area.