Wholesale Carrier Services

Wholesale DID´s, revenue share, premium rate, NGN, toll free, numbers
Where your business, primarily concentrates on inbound terminations, we can offer carrier partners, generous rebates, on inbound traffic, including landlines. ORB Telemedia offers DID´s in various QTY for wholesale revenue share partners. Where revenue share is possible and we have an ingress rebate, we will share this with carrier partners using our numbers, basically the more traffic sent, the higher the rebate. Sub-allocation of DID`s and special requests for UK numbering blocks can also be processed by mutual agreement. Ingress based out payments, for inbound calls, is subject to terms and conditions of use, which can include caveats from the Telecom regulators, typically most carrier payments are made around 45 days after the end of the month during which the traffic was generated, ie. 45eom.

Freephone toll - free numbers, can also be provisioned, but must have sufficient funds to pay the inbound calls as designated by the origin of traffic and the terms and conditions applied to the toll free numbering ranges allocated.

We would also like to hear from other range owners, and broker resellers, with DID´s / numbering both with and without revenue share, premium rate or otherwise. You can send us your offers including rate cards from our contact page.

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Wholesale VoIP, A-Z, various service plans including UK CLI routes
Where your business primarily concentrates on outbound calls and routes, we can provide carriers wholesale a-z services, including guaranteed CLI routes, the price-lists generally show the rates for most bulk traffic, however we are flexible, and for guaranteed minutes, can apply some small discount to our A-Z routes. Discounts can be negotiated in advance, but will not be applied until the agreed minute threshold is reached.

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