Wholesale VoIP, CLI and Special Routes

Wholesale VoIP services and special routes for carriers

As a UK registered operator, we are able to offer guaranteed CLI on UK routes, and full access to all UK premium rate and Special Service numbers, for voice calls, our A-Z 'gold' routes offers high quality and high stability. For fax calls T.38 support is enabled within our 'platinum' rate deck. It is important to note, that our UK CLI routes are on direct domestic trunks, on both Gold and Platinum routes irrespective of CLI calls will be handled as domestic in origin, and subject to time of day routing, emergency calling and operator services can be enabled on request subject to strict due diligence checks.

In many cases, for special service and personal numbering international inbound Routing into UK, is cheaper than domestic origins this is because the ingress rebate and billing applied to calls arriving from international trunks is lower than domestic origins, our silver and grey route pricing reflects these lower costs, however access to premium rate numbers and CLI support is not guaranteed on those decks - what we can do, is provide a combined offer with UK premium rate and special service access bespoke to your needs.
Wholesale traffic implies bulk traffic, our rate decks are set for SME volumes but unlike other carriers, we can still apply discounts for guaranteed volume. Using our rate decks for guidance we can apply a 1% discount for volumes in excess of 250,000 monthly minutes, 2% discount at 500,000 minutes and 5% for volumes in excess of 1 million minutes. All routes and traffic is to be paid for in advance. Our UK Mobile rates are exceptionally good value and should be considered carefully.
Outbound route testing, for access, can be performed with small credits, and a standard VoIP account, we do not offer test credits as you can test our services and trunk quality using one of our free inbound numbers.
Carrier Clients / Prospective Partners / Enterprise and Business
For pre-paid wholesale VoIP there is no need to contract, by signing up for an account you are automatically accepting our terms and conditions, however we encourage all clients to open a full business account, by doing so, you can offer our DID's to your end users and receive rebate from our inbound ingress payments.

Clients who seek to receive out-payments for inbound calls, must contract with us, in order that we can pay you in accordance with regulatory and international money laundering rules.
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Wanted : International A-Z and budget routes

ORB Telemedia Ltd, seeks to reach out to other operators with specific routes and A-Z portfolio's. We are looking for stable routes, suitable for voice traffic, whilst we normally deal with A-Z we will of course look at any specific individual route that is offered to us.
In addition to routes we are always looking for all types of numbering including fixed and mobile ranges.

All offers can be directed to us via email, your privacy is respected, and all commercial negotiations are handled strictly in confidence - and non disclosure agreements can be exchanged on demand.
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