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ORB Telemedia Wholesale Carrier Services. Bulk DID's

Carrier services, for DID brokers, premium number vendors, enterprise clients and VoIP operators.
Our DID´s and services can be allocated in bulk, we can route to your switch via SIP.
We can negotiate bespoke rebates for volume on specific destinations allowing you to promote favourable solutions
For International Premium Rate and Domestic numbers our out-payments / rebate structure, is tiered on a volumetric basis - the more total minutes you send us, the higher the rebate.
For landlines, fixed, geographic and UK wide numbers, where rebate is available, a minimum of 25,000 minutes monthly must be achieved, where DID's have setup or monthly fees, the larger the order, the smaller the unit price.
Virtual mobile numbers are available alongside international fixed numbers, to provide a total virtual presence.

Carrier Clients / Prospective Partners / Enterprise and Business
In order to comply with regulatory requirements, including international money laundering rules, all clients who seek to receive revenue share payments and rebates must contract with us.
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Carrier Pricing / Rebates
On this page you will find the carrier price / rebate list for ORB Telemedia's own ranges, for our complete offer, which includes outbound calling, international numbers, and other UK ranges such as mobile or pager numbers, then check our price information page.

Price Information (Price Lists and Rate Cards)

Exclusive UK Numbering and Price Lists
As an operator of UK number ranges, we have our own exclusive ranges, and are able to offer reseller carriers generous tiered rebates. The following documents detail the offer for ORB Telemedia's own ranges - our tiered rebate structure provides for outpayments on minutes generated across our full range of numbers, including international numbering and mobiles.
ORB Telemedia Direct UK Ranges - Carrier Price List pdf

The carrier price list, shows the costs applicable for receiving calls on freephone numbers, the retail price for placing any calls based on BT Basic price list, and the carrier rebate / revenue share that we will pay you for traffic. A postive value is representative of a cost, and a negative value, is a rebate.

Traditional Style Rate Card
The carrier price list is a complex document, it contains full data of the costs and bands to place a call, as well as the applicable rebates, many brokers of numbers, other operators and resellers simply show the rebates. By removing this additional data, the carrier price list can be summarised as a simple rebate card, this is shown in the document below.

ORB Telemedia Direct UK Ranges - Carrier Price List (Summary) rebates for volumes > 250k minutes monthly pdf

Wanted : International and Domestic Number Ranges / DID's with revenue share

ORB Telemedia Ltd, seeks to reach out to other number range owners and operators willing to allocate numbers and share revenue on inbound calls. We are looking for all types of numbering including fixed and mobile ranges.
All offers can be directed to us via email, your privacy is respected, and all commercial negotiations are handled strictly in confidence - and non disclosure agreements can be exchanged on demand. Range owners wishing to slowly build up new ranges, can benefit from our privacy policy, we can use your numbering with select clients and never announce the offer publicly, at the same time, we can provide DID's from our own exclusive ranges.
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