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8th November 2012 --

New International Premium Rate Number Test Numbers.

our portal has been updated and new test numbers are being populated if you have a specific solution in mind from one of our old rate cards please contact us to check its current status.


New Cuba Routes being added.

Wholesale Cuba +53 non CLI routes available from $0.37 - pre paid terms, CLI routes also available at wholesale rates.


Full CLI UK Routes - check out our mobile prices, UK mobiles no more than GBP 0.017 per minute.

NEW Gold A-Z price list / rate deck on 12th November.

NEW ORB UK Premium Rate Number client documents being uploaded on 10th November.


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27th October 2014 - ORB Telemedia Ltd - joins OFTEL, to provide efficient client support

ORB Telemedia is a member of the UK Telecommunication Ombudsman services, we have an established complaints procedure and natually work with any client to ensure that everything goes smoothly, but what happens when things go wrong?

The law requires any communications company which has domestic or small business customers' to join an approved redress scheme and the ombudsman deals with complaints about the way in which communications services are provided:

Examples include, mobile phones and smartphones (contract and pre paid); landline (fixed line) telephones;
broadband internet including mobile broadband (dongle); WiFi; dial up internet;
SMS texting services; and satellite television.

OFTEL / The ombudsman, is a consumer related body, and more information can be found on its website it should be noted the ombudsman which was formely known as OFTEL cannot deal with complaints about:

products or services that are not bought or rented from member companies;
the content of internet sites, advertisements, calls, emails, SMS (texts) or any other type of message;
complaints about premium rate service providers, for example phone numbers starting 09 or calls to competitions;

(these should be addressed to phonepayplus - of which ORB Telemedia also is a registered member)

Oftel will not deal with problems that they think would be better dealt with by the courts, arbitration services or other complaints procedures; employment and staff issues in communications companies; complaints that we consider to be malicious or unjustified;
commercial decisions made by communications companies about whether to provide a product or service, and the terms under which they maybe provided; and disagreements between communications companies.


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15th October 2014 : New International Mobile Solutions (revenue share numbers)


A new virtual mobile solution has been added to our portfolio, now we can offer Albanian Mobile numbers with rebate.

Test our new Albanian 2, virtual mobile..  - test number 35566110640

revenue share rebate, terms from EUR €0.09 45eom  - voice prompt "you have reached the test number"

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7th October 2014 : Rate Card A-Z Update - silver $ USD

Rate Deck A-Z update - silver $USD

A new rate card has been published, UK mobiles and other routes, exceptionally low prices, ideal for wholesale traffic, Spain mobiles, low prices, UK premium rate numbers, open for international access, time of day pricing for exceptional rates on UK domestic calls. More rate card updates shortly. 

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