ORB Telemedia Business and Pre-Pay PAYG Accounts

PAYG Clients - using VoIP calls only

Retail clients can open an online account to make and receive calls, clients seeking to earn rebate or income from ORB Telemedia and our services must contract with us by opening a business account. If preferred we can also consider to use your own master agreements, in which case please contact us.
Consumer Information: Terms Conditions and Privacy Policy
ORB Telemedia Ltd, consumer information, General terms conditions and privacy.
If you have any concerns or questions, contact us and we will reply accordingly.
click here to download our privacy statement
click here to download our residential VoIP terms pdf

VAT is charged on EU clients.
If you are a VAT registered business within the EU and outside the United Kingdom you should open a business account.
If you are within the EU and exempt UK VAT for any reason, open a business account or contact us for assistance.

Opening a business reseller or VAT exempt VoIP account in 3 simple steps

1) Gather and complete all the required documents and forms.
2) Upload them using our uploader - we will validate your application
3) Create your online portal account

Documents for Business, Affiliate, Sole Trader and Reseller Accounts
Obligatory forms - we must have the master contract agreement and UK Annex completed and signed along with User provided ID
click here to download our master contract pdf
click here to download our UK contract annex pdf
Optional Forms - these are optional - the information within can also be communicated by email, they are provided for your convenience.
click here to download bank detail form
click here to download our interconnect document pdf
User Provided - we need proof of address and proof of ID, similar to that of opening a bank account, this is for regulatory due-dilligence.
proof of business or
individual identity
(see further down for examples)

proof of address
/ trading address

The pdf files on this page are interactive forms - they can be completed and submitted electronically, using the buttons within the files or by saving and uploading, they do not require any ink signature, opening them in a browser will disable this functionality as they will be displayed as standard documents instead.

It is recommended you save the pdf form files to your desktop before completing them, some web browsers will cause the functionality to cease and you will need a copy for your records. For most users this will be as simple as right clicking the file link and saving the target file to their desktop, some users perhaps need adobe reader which is available for most platforms, adobe reader can be downloaded here:


Business and Reseller - Account Application Form

Step One of Three - upload your documents.

Account Application - fields marked * must be completed

To earn money by reselling ORB Telemedia's products and services, or to earn revenue share on eligible inbound calls, we are required to make appropriate due-dilligence checks on the end users. To do this we must make you aware of all the terms, conditions, and be satisfied about your identity. The process is simple, we have ready made documents and forms, all you need do is complete them and return to us with documents proving your proof of identity and proof of address.

All the ORB documents necessary can be found on this page.
Generally speaking - we need the same ID documents as would be expected if you were to open a bank account.

Proof of identity;
If you are trading as a sole trader, we will need to prove your identity as an individual.
We only need one form of ID and one proof of address, here are some examples of suitable documents :-
Suitable scanned Documents for a sole trade;
a) Passport Copy
b) Drivers Licence Copy (photo ID type)
c) P45 / P60 and three pay slips.
d) last 3 months of bank statements.

Suitable scanned identity documents for a business:
a) Incorporation Certificate
b) Directors Identity document

Proof of address;
the following are suitable for proof of address:
recent bank statement showing the same name as identity document
recent utility bill showing the same name as identity document
notarised certificate
rental contract and receipt

If you have any problems with our form, or need assistance with the documents, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.