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About ORB Telemedia Ltd, who we are

telecom switch ORB Telemedia Ltd, is a telecom operator providing both Origin and Termination services, as well as specialising in UK Revenue Share numbers with rebate. Our company supplies international telecom services, for broadcast and media, as well as retail. Our full-time staff are made up of dedicated account managers, qualified engineering technicians and freelance workers, and our business is backed up by managed call centres for quick support.

ORB Telemedia is a UK firm with its registered offices in Blantyre Scotland, the owners are Ross McDowell and David Parker, who make use of various strategic partnerships in the telcom industry to bring together the best audiotext premium rate number solutions for international traffic, we work with many carriers and private consultants.

When you contact us, you can be assured a dedicated team-member will assist with your needs quickly and efficiently, naturally some projects will need specialist support, for detailed RFP's, contracts, customised solutions, and trade sales, please contact us, using the form on our contact page, this will allow us to assess your request and get back to you with correct information.

A brief history, ORB Telemedia Ltd was formed in 2011 at which time we only provided International Premium Rate Numbers, IPRN, in 2012 we started providing UK Numbers and Landline DID's, in 2012 we introduced basic VoIP services, in 2013 we moved our switching to a new centre, and rationalised many of services. In 2014 we have introduced carrier services and wholesale VoIP, we have also been designated as a public electronics communication operator, by Ofcom, the UK regulator, and as a result now have our own unique and exclusive number ranges.

As part of our ongoing improvement program, we are currently seeking sales assistants to work on commission based assignments and resellers to promote our services.

If you want to find out more about David, Ross, or even the company we invite you to check out our linkedin and social media profiles.

Industry Bodies and Memberships
ORB Telemedia Ltd, participates in a number of consumer and business protection schemes, we treat our clients as we expect to be treated ourselves, sometimes however things may go wrong in the first instance all clients are to contact us, and we will deal with the matter appropriately, then if your still not satisfied, we have independent mechanisms for your own reassurance and protection. These are listed below.

OTELO / Ombudsman Services UK
ORB Telemedia Ltd is a participating company Click here or the logo below

OTELO Ombudsman Services

Independent Due Dilligence
In addition to the business and consumer schemes above, we have also been independently verified by various firms, some of the logos below will be familiar, however unlike a lot of fake sites, you will find these logos are active and the associated sites are aware of our business we have full permission for the logos to be displayed.