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Retail clients can open an online account to make and receive calls, clients seeking to earn rebate or income from ORB Telemedia and our services must contract with us by opening a business account. If preferred we can also consider to use your own master agreements, in which case please contact us.
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VAT is charged on EU clients.
If you are a VAT registered business within the EU and outside the United Kingdom you should open a business account.
If you are within the EU and exempt UK VAT for any reason, open a business account or contact us for assistance. What is VoIP?
VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol, can also be referred to as internet telephony, despite the implication within the name physical handsets / phones are not necessarily involved as all that is needed, is hardware equipped with a microphone and speaker, suitable software / built in application and internet access, this could be anything from a tablet pc / laptop to an interactive gaming device, none of which are telephones. VoIP is often perceived as unreliable and free and this is a misconception which is worthy of exploring.

It saves you loads of money, using VoIP can potentially save you up to 40 % on local calls, and up and above 90 % on international calls. The technology is still relatively new, however with the advent of faster and faster local ADSL services, wimax, 3g and 4g, the quality and standard of calls is comparable to that of a traditional PSTN copper based switch network.

What do I need?
Internet connection (recommended from 64 Kbps +)
(VoIP is carried over the internet, If you have a bad internet connection your calls will suffer and VoIP is not for you, however if you can get a good internet connection even via mobile, then VoIP could be cheaper and better for you) PC or Laptop / other device equipped with microphone and speaker or headset
Appropriate Softphone application (click here for our knowledge base information on softphones)

Alternative to PC / Software method:
Your regular phone plus an ATA
dedicated VoIP phone (ensure has LAN connection and not USB variant which would need your PC)

Call anywhere from any PC in the world
Free incoming calls
Free incoming number
No monthly lease needed
Rates only depend on destination and not on your location
No connection fees, no setup fees and no monthly fees
We can even give you special service numbers whereby you get paid for your incoming calls

Is VoIP reliable?
Short answer, Yes; The perception of VoIP being unreliable is just that, basically a few years ago when internet still relied upon dial-up service and home broadband had much lower bandwidths and high contention ratios users could find calls becoming robotic and even failing, the main issue being insufficient bandwidths for the call, poor end user equipment and multiple unreliable internet nodes in-between. Around 2004 with significant changes in mobile technology, ADSL, home internet and compression techniques brought VoIP to the masses, up until that time, only large enterprise was willing to undertake the commitments to use VoIP, post 2004 there has been a significant shift, corporate uptake has been rapid, by 2008 sales trends of hardware revealed office and businesses purchasing new systems, were biased 80/20 - with 80% of new office systems being based on VoIP and the other 20% remaining with traditional PSTN systems, manufacturers by 2014 now trend to make unified devices, and residential handsets in retail stores often have USB/Ethernet ports, for VoIP breakout showing that PSTN for telephony calls usage is declining. As it stands the residential market, is still behind corporate markets. VoIP is no longer unreliable, technology and infrastructure is advancing so quickly it is now possible to stream video calls, and watch live television, where physical infrastructure is not present, slack is being taken up with mobile internet data, satellite and wifi technologies but the early lessons remain true. The problems which plagued users in the early stages are no less important and VoIP quality and reliability can be impacted if the end user does not take care of his network quality and usage - some simple steps can usually resolve most issues, again for the masses, manufacturers now increasingly put automatic VoIP controls in their home routers, - VoIP is so reliable when planned carefully, it is the only means of traditional style telephony, whole community areas and towns are served by VoIP over WiFi, with internet access all delivered in this manner.

Is VoIP free?
VoIP is not free, it relies on internet connectivity, and the existing infrastructure for data / internet delivery, naturally some services and calls within VoIP can be free and this really depends on several elements, the nature of the call, the service package applied, what is clear however is that VoIP is significantly cheaper and can save users as much as 90% and more of their regular bill, switching to VoIP only is a reality for many users, todays trends show VoIP being widely accepted and used.

Does VoIP work with satellite services?
Yes, ORB Telemedia Ltd, being aware of the limitations of internet access in remote areas, has physically tested its own VoIP and numbering solutions, extensively using Tooway satellite products and data enabled 3G mobile handsets, this including satellite based internet end points for both caller and receiver, the voice quality was high, with occasional echo which corrected quickly, with VoIP derived from satellite based internet on both end points, latency is noticeable but still surpassing expectations - all calls were of good quality on both sides, and normal conversations take place, tests on mobile handsets in Spain using 3G data services when stationary was equivalent to PSTN, whilst roaming and changing cell towers during a call the audio dropped out and restored very quickly, this is also experienced on mobile handsets from time to time, in regular mobile calls, and on our tests via wifi based networks, tests so far have shown no discernible difference between the VoIP call and that of PSTN

I live in a different continent, can I sign up?
ORB Telemedia Ltd, offers it's services internationally and will accept clients from any state or jurisdiction provided the client acknowledges they are legally permitted to do so, to assess whether the service works, you can sign up, and try to make a SIP registration to our servers, if that works, then you can request a free DID for incoming calls and load funds to make outgoing calls. You can route your new DID number to a test message and call it from your regular landline or mobile, this way you can check / listen to the quality without having to load any funds any such test calls will of course be charged to you by your current call provider.

How much do calls cost?
To find a call price, you can check the simulator within your account or you can look at the rate sheets, because the rate sheets are international you need to look first at the country you are calling, then the prefix / name of the destination. The simulator will lookup the cost of a call on a per number basis.
see prices here

How do I get started?
To use ORB Telemedia's VoIP service, to place outbound calls - you need open an account and credit it with funds,  the prices of calls are listed in our pricing tables, but have the following advantages - the maximum setup fee (when applied) per call is equal to the minute price, the minute price is usually significantly lower than the traditional line, to receive calls no  funding is necessary you need only open an account and request a free incoming number, this number can be used with ORB Telemedia's VoIP system, or pointed via SIP to another destination.

More information about VoIP in our knowledge base :- and if you have still have questions or need further info contact us.