VAS - Value Added Services

ORB Telemedia Ltd, Specialist VAS Solutions

Media Support and IVR
custom ivr and content provision

Our media solutions and services are suitable for resellers and audiotext users alike. As a Value Added Service, Upon Request, we can load messages to our IVR system, to suit your campaign, we design solutions based on your flow charts to maximise the end user experience.
We also have content, and can prepare quotes should you require live operators or pre-made recordings, or access to live streams, these additional features, can add significant value to your business, contact us and find out what we can do for your business.

Resellers wishing to use our built in IVR's from their panel can do so, we have a selection of story book, adult, and other IVR services available free of charge from the account portal / panel.

Hosted Switch Platform for Inbound and Outbound Calls :-

Our Reseller Platform is free to use, without costs other than for PAYG Route and Forwarding to standard non-SIP destinations, it is available on a white label platform, with SSL, and has the following features:-
Rating Engine DID Delivery Supported Trunks and Protocols
Selection of rates based on LCR Billing options for DID based on subscription and/or dial in /out rate VoIP Trunks:-
(Least Cost Routing) or LCD Billing per minute and connection charge. SIP
(Least Cost Dialling) Free calls between customers IAX
Automatic selection of route across multiple carriers On-Net calling with optional charging H323 (on application)
Carrier rates for carrier reconciliation and accounting DID ingress charges, including minimum charge, connection fee, block billing, per minute Line Cards
Sell Rates with multiple options, including steppedbilling Support for revenue share numbers, customer’s account credited when DID called Analogue
Bulk import of rates Deliver calls to customers via VoIP or via trunks PRI
Rate simulator DHCP endpoints supported BRI
Easy updating of existing rates via the merge facility Failover destinations GSM
Detailed searching, and bulk updates of rates Detailed statistics Failover trunk
LCR export facility DID import facility Capacity limits, with failover Provider grouping for carrier reconciliation
Rate simulator

Selection of rate-card based on:-


Caller ID

PRN and Reseller VoiP platform - System Architecture
The architecture of our system consists of several cloud based database servers, Asterisk telephony servers, and a webserver for administration, agent, customer and online sign-up and a SIP proxy is added to load balance calls across multiple Asterisk servers and assist with NAT traversal. Usually these servers are hosted on the same physical hardware, but our dynamic systems are distributed across multiple servers to increase the capacity. Additional modules control IVRś, conference systems, media files, media streams and SMS.
All of this is available to you you as a reseller, open a business account today and get started.

Full Hosted System
The same system as used by ourselves, and that gives resellers access to their accounts, is available with full admin rights, and full control, full-white label, and fully hosted in our cloud servers. A blank slate for you to start your own business and interconnect as you please, fully meshed, fully redundant switching, failover and your own IP for switching, no shared hosts, no domain lookups, this is your opportunity to lease your own VoIP partition on our systems.
If you are looking for a switch system, and dont wish to be tied down to a particular supplier for VoIP or numbering services, then you should be considering your own system, either hosted or purchased, much of the hosting options are either over-priced or tie you to their packages, purchasing a system is of course perfect but can be a major overhead initially, especially when you consider redundancy fail-safe options can effectively double your costs. With our system, we have invested in scalar modular technology, our system is functional in the cloud and passing traffic today, we simply offer you a duplicate on your own IP.

Our basic hosting price assumes traffic of up to 600,000 minutes monthly, excess minutes calculated at 0.0004 GBP per minute 4/100ths of a pence per minute. The setup fees include the provision of domain name, system connected on SSL and private IP address, you have the full admin rights, and rights to the SSL certificate and domain name, but not the IP address.
Every time our customer portal is enhanced this represents a series of upgrades and developments; our investment is continuous and ongoing, by hosting with us, you too receive the same updates and enhancements applied automatically, bespoke updates and modular development is also available on request, a road map of pending features, shows the planned updates, and we are happy to listen to your feedback.